Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SPORE fall tour 2009

Spontaneous Projects Orchestrating Relevant Exchange

SPORE Mobile Gallery is an aging 1998 Ford Windstar minivan converted into a mobile exhibition space with an interior installation gallery and performance/exhibition tent pioneered by Emily Hemeyer.

Event Information
Starting in late August-September, SPORE is traveling throughout the West Coast visiting a slew of public spaces, backyards, small venues, galleries and institutions. As part of the Cultural Ambassadry Interchange we'll be collecting photographs, stories and art from anyone and everyone who is circumstantially present at our (mostly) spontaneous events. Yes folks, we are stopping in quaint little college towns as well as large bustling cities. If you’d like us to host a visit shoot Emily an email at ghostsihavebeen@gmail.com.

Current Exhibition
Breaking Through the Ebbs of Collapse:
Innovative small works by St Louis community artists, activists and collectives pertaining to the utilization of space and human interaction in regards to a futile urban landscape. Featuring works by Keith Buchholz (Fluxus St Louis), Cindy Tower, Sarah Paulsen, Eric Repeice, Simiya Sudduth, All Along Press, David Wolk (Cranky Yellow), Michael Allen (Ecology of Absence blog), Love O Rama Records, Cranky Yellow Artsits, Jeremy Kannaple and Jordan Hicks of Open Lot.

Media and Installations
Improvisational Soundscape Installation by Ghosts I Have Been. 40 min set. Ambient layers using hammered dulcimer, bells, glass bowls, saws and bowed objects combined with extended voice and throat singing techniques.

Que Sera, Sera? Film by Sarah Paulsen. A beautiful stop-motion animated documentary relaying the struggle of two undocumented Mexican youth dealing with immigration issues in St. Louis City.

Taxonomy: An Installation by Simiya Sudduth. Sudduth's work exploits the perceived notions of fragility and delicacy in regards to a permanent, industrial materials such as porcelain, threads and paper and comparing and contrasting these ideas with the reality of our fragile ecosystems and our connections {or a lack of} to living beings other than ourselves.

The Cultural Ambassadry Interchange Blog
Plug into the SPORE blog at http://sporeprojects.blogspot.com. In the next few weeks the blog will serve as an ongoing archive and share space throughout the project’s duration. We will also be updating our whereabouts at www.crankyyellow.com

SPORE invites you to participate in the Chicago Money Bag Project !!!
We invite you to donate "valuables" or create your own for inclusion in the MassiveMoneyBagsDrop in Chicago taking place in October for the Art On Track show where artists Stan Chisholm and Lisa See Kim will fill a Chicago CTA train car as aided by the Hyde Park Art Center.

Minivan and Tent Cred
Interior Gallery Design- Robert Long
Hood Stencil- Cameron Fuller
Mechanisms- West Bank Auto
Tent Construction- Emily Hemeyer and Sam Kertz

Feed the Artists
Yes SPORE does accept donations such as food, housing, equipment, gas and we're currently in need of a projector. We suggest a $5-10 donation at events to help us out with these things and we'll never turn anyone away.

St Louis, MO- Saturday, Aug 22nd @ Arcadia Studios/Floating Laboratories 7- 10pm with music by Ghosts I Have Been and Kevin Harris
Lawrence, KS- Sunday Aug 23rd @ Solidarity
Vail, CO- Tuesday Aug 25th @ Chazmataz Attacks!! 9pm on 107.9 KLNX-LP
San Juan Islands, WA- Saturday, Aug 29 @ Islands Village Faire at Missing Mountains Farm
Portland, OR- Tuesday, Sept 1st- 3rd @ Sandra's House/TBA
Eugene, OR- Friday, Sept 4th @ Museum of UnFine Art
Oakland, CA- Monday, Sept 7th @ AK Press Warehouse
Albuquerque, NM- Thursday, Sept 10th @ TBA
Denver, CO- Friday, Sept 11th @ TBA
Kansas City, MO- Saturday, Sept 12th @ TBA
Columbia, MO- Sunday, Sept 13th @ TBA

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