Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seven Lost Buildings in Old North

For the True/False Film Festival installation of the Migratory Hive Project in Columbia this past March, long-time collaborator and friend, Michael Allen, of the Preservation Research Office wrote this essay "Seven Lost Buildings in Old North" connecting to his photographs which were included in the sculpture. Read it here.. .

Saturday, March 16, 2013

SPORE's collaborative sculpture for True/False Film Festival

A new incarnation of the Migratory Hives Project was created for True/False. The support sculpture was developed through a collaboration between Emily Hemeyer, Chloe Bethany, Lohr Barkley, Leland Drexler, Carrie Goodson, Zack Zimmerman, and Eric Schwartz. SPORE artists from across the country created micro-environments contained in 13 Hives which were explorable throughout the sculpture. Media ranged from sound compositions, to a peep show painted on rocks, to an ant circus animation. Pieces were based on the festival's theme "The Collective Architecture of The Impossible." Artists included Rebecca Estee, Juliet Hinely, Emily Peters, Dr Bill Russell, Kristen Bartel, Kristen Althoff, Sarah Paulsen, Cameron Fuller, Tristen and Stella, Cindy Tower, Carlie Trosclair and Michael Allen. Through a workshop students from the C.A.R.E program in Columbia constructed a collaborative box. Special thanks to Drew, Tess, Dave, Jack Klatt, Tom Carr, Well Boy, Fran Lakatos, Tom and Susan for their support.


Emily leads a workshop with the C.A.R.E. Gallery in Columbia

Production mode for True/False Film Festival Collaboration