Monday, December 12, 2011

Annoucing the begining of something beautiful... Home-Stay!!!!

Currently accepting application for January 1st - June 1st 2012.


Home-Stay is an unconventional artist-in-residency program in a St Louis artist’s home that provides visiting artists a unique opportunity to directly engage with surrounding neighborhoods as creative practice using the city as both a studio and canvas. Home-Stay provides visiting artists with resources to enact projects by providing opportunities for collaboration with locals and access to nearby resources such as print shops, darkrooms, woodshops, libraries, archives, classrooms, exhibition and performance spaces.

Home-Stay supports community-based projects, performances and exchanges that are rooted in themes such as local food systems, sustainability, the built environment, social practice, urban planning, community events, sound exploration, education, and innovative use of space. Additionally there opportunities throughout the year to engage with local artists through events such as the Chautauqua Art Lab, People’s Joy Parade, Artica, SLAP Conference, and the SPORE Mobile Gallery.

Home-Stay’s idea of artist is broad so whether you consider yourself a performer, farmer, constructor, writer, painter or scientific researcher, we encouraged to apply.


The apartment is inside a historic redbrick four-family flat in South City in a diverse, mixed-income neighborhood close to coffee shops, restaurants, artist-run spaces, galleries, parks and public transportation networks. Downtown and the Mississippi river are within biking distance.

Like many brick buildings in St Louis it has wooden floors, tall ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding pocket doors, central air/heat and a natural cooling system that includes the use of transom windows. Shared space includes a kitchen and multi-use living room which is often used for reading, community classes, & mediation/yoga. The backyard has a shared garden, fire pit and chickens: Tofishstick and Baconleg. Laundry is available in the basement and a shared music practice space.

Residents are expected to keep common areas clean, participate in a chore wheel and attend a weekly meeting that includes a shared meal. Various diets and food allergies can be accommodated. Home-Stay hosts a weekly community class and a monthly potluck of which residents are welcome to attend.


Collaborative Internship: 3-6 month stay.
Unfurnished or furnished room depending on needs. Room is large, with storage space available in the basement, and WiFi access. The internship involves direct collaboration with Home-Stay and SPORE Projects. Intern is expected to spend 10-15 hours per week on the project. This could involve anything from biking with a resident  around town to sending emails, perhaps leading a living-room class or developing your own  project  Hours are negotiable and flexible. Securing a part-time job is recommended.  
Cost is $300 per month covers room, board and program costs.. A near-by studio is available from $75- 150 per month depending on need and length of stay. If interested include in application.   

Project Based Residency: 1-3 month stay.
You’ll be provided a small furnished room, storage space, and WiFi access. Over the course of the stay residents will develop a project in collaboration with Home-Stay that involves community participation and/or the built environment. Residents are encouraged develop relationships with neighbors, local artists, historians, urban farmers, architects, etc, and to explore the city at large to inform their project. Residents will be expected to spend 20-25 hours per week working on their project and blog weekly as it develops. Stay will culminate with a sharing of the project with the community at large  in a creative context.

Cost is $250 per month covers room, board and program costs. A nearby shared studio is available for $50-100 depending on need and length of stay. If interested include in application. We’re happy to help locate free/cheep supplies and resources but be prepared to cover the cost of materials and studio usage.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Events

November 5th- Excited to be a guest artist for Big Brothers/Big Sisters day through the Contemporary Art Museum's Art Bus, co-sponsored by the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. The afternoon includes tours of both museums, my sound collage workshop and a pizza party!

November 11th- All-female Pig Slop show on Cherokee Street. SPORE will be parked outside along with works inside from Chloe Bethany, Mel von Trad, Melinda Snyder and myself tucked indoors. 

November 25th-27th- Wounded Bird garments will be for sale at Rock N Roll Craft Show 8. SPORE will be around for some of the weekend (parked nearby).

Fall Mini Touring Updates

After a glittery long-haul of a night with St Louis artist and fellow Pig Slopper Chloe Bethany we headed out to Chicago with her new installation for SPORE, The Measurements of My Mmmmm. Spent a good portion of the weekend at Hand in Glove, an national independent curator conference. On Saturday Ghosts I Have Been played at Yellow Book  for a female experimental night with Les Fluer De Maul and Continental Hallucinations

Yellow Book is exactly what a used bookstore should be, comfy couches, quirky but sweet owners, kindly aged good books, plants, art filled walls, resident artist Sarah Leitten and a space for eclectic performances. I'm just a little, totally in love with this place.

Halloween weekend SPORE was at the Minnehaha Free Space, an info shop and zine library in Minneapolis. Ghosts I Have Been played a show with AC and Sincerely Ethics. AC invoked Michael Jackson through spoken word, tape sampling and loops. Then Sincerely Ethic's Allen Killian-Moore epically recited the Long Black Veil alongside the guitar experimentations of Ali Jaafar.