Saturday, September 5, 2009

Behind on the blog again and so much has happened. Made it to Portland and spent a few days with old and new friends. Loving Vegan Food Carts, cuddling with Sandra and my former kitty Cleo, biking everywhere, Craft Night, Voodoo Doughnuts, cocktails made with real fruit, the Potato Captain, $1 vegan corndog night, and gardens as front yards. Oh yeah and I keep seeing art by Nikki McClure and absolutely love it. Had a show of sorts at Tender Loving Empire run by one of the cutest couples I think I've met in a while. They were super rad and let me set-up in their alleyway for the First Thursday event. Some really superb bands played that night too. The White Lighters had about 7 kids playing everything from guitars to xylophones and do this collective harmonic singing thing. The set was followed by an eloquant girl and her guitar. Her voice in some ways reminded me of Joanna Newsome but also containted a sofistication using multiple languages.