Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Temporal Cities Call for Participation

Excited to announce the 3rd Annual Temporal Cities: Blanket Fort Festival. Save the date for July 29th from 1-7pm 2017. Apply for an artist stipend: Applications Due June 25th at Midnight! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016



Benton Park July 30th, 2-8pm


Temporal Cities is an collectively built interactive environment erected in a few hours then open to the public in a neighborhood park in St Louis City. We welcome many types of participation from Blanket Fort Constructors to workshops to volunteers and  performances. We believe in wonder, that creativity is intrinsic to human nature. Anyone regardless of level of expertise is encouraged to get involved\

Click Here for the PARTICIPATION INQUIRY FORM. It will guide you the through process of determining how you'd best like to participate. To be considered for a stipend you'll need to fill this out by JUNE 26th Midnight. Preference given to early submissions.

Options Include:Blanket Fort Construction, Roving Performances (including buskers), Scheduled Activity, Main Stage Musician & Volunteers. 

You are what makes the festival! Questions?

1. Environment. Projects should leave no trace. Extra care should be taken to ensure no permanent damage takes place such as drilling or nailing into trees. Rope, duct tape, and alternative structures used as support are an excellent way to construct a temporary fort that is not damaging to trees. Ground tent stakes are acceptable. Rain or shine event. Have a plan in place for rain and wind. Include this in your proposal. Traps and plastic are awesome. Clean up your space and materials at the conclusion of the event.

2. Design. Although the type of material you choose to use is wide open, your structure should have fabric as a primary material in order to expand upon the concept of a “blanket” fort. Other materials such as cardboard, foam sheeting, plastics, wood, etc are acceptable.Though we are using 10x10 standard tent size as our model, for innovation purposes sole use of a tent will not be permitted for this festival. Make it creative. If using wood or metal as a base, your fort must be structurally sound- as in, it will not collapse. We are looking for proposals that show creativity while taking the park and safety into consideration. 

3. Engagement
. All Blanket Forts should have a “theme” centered around public engagement. Think of your fort as an environment to entertain, educate, and include strangers. This is a family event. All concepts must be appropriate for young people. The purpose of this event is community building not advertising. Soliciting and sales of any kind will be grounds for dismissal from the project. 

4. Promotion
. Links and websites (if applicable) will be promoted online.

5. Expectations. Grounds will be open at 11am on July 30th. You are expected to check-in by Noon for setup. All Blanket Forts must have a person present for the duration of the event 2-8pm and are expected to remain open until the event is over. Collaboration is encouraged.

This section is for short theatrical performances, buskers, fire spinners, hoopers, costumed characters. Essentially anyone contributing to the fabric of the event. This is the shortest time commitment. Performances should be planned to occur within the Blanket Fort portion of the park. The stage is for main stage musicians and a few small performances. 

1. Environment.
Successful proposals should take into account the unique environment of Temporal Cities. They will engage audiences, be appropriate for all ages and technically feasible. 

2. Engagement. How will your project or performance directly engage participants?

3. Logistics. Will your performance or project happen in conjunction with a particular Blanket Fort or  will it be at large? Is it a timed or ongoing?  What is needed to make it happen? Be aware we have limited electricity available. Include any needs from us in your proposal. 

SCHEDULED ACTIVITY (1 HOUR) GUIDELINESThis year we have two areas setup for short activities. Though we discourage advertising in general this is a great spot for teaching artists, wellness professionals, small businesses and non-profits to highlight what they do. The Grasslands is for movement workshops and discussion groups. The Grasslands is the only area of the festival that may close due to inclement weather. If you have one, please share an alternative plan your proposal. Fort Awesome! is an activity fort. We welcome skillshare workshops and crafts of all ilk. We will have a few kid-focused areas throughout the festival both of these activity areas are for all ages. Basic art materials supplied.

Suggestion: We will have specific times listed but to the nature of the festival consider that participants will likely be coming and going throughout your activity.

We part of the Benton Park Concert Series. Though most (not all) of slots are already filled for this year we're always looking for new performers. Follow the link and share what you do! Buskers, you'll want to register as a "Roving Performer"

Temporary (non-interactive) installations are welcome. This section also includes floating rafts/boats. Due to liability floating structures cannot hold people. All sculptures, temporary structures, and installations must be removed by conclusion of the festival.

Couldn't do this without you! Fill out the "Participation Inquiry Form" specific shifts are listed. We need help with everyone form setup to cleanup and support throughout.

We are able to offer a number of small stipends. The amount depends largely on the number of applications/projects, time commitment, and materials needed. Preference given to early applications. This isn't a paycheck or an award. Funds are allocated to help you do what you do. Our focus is local however, some out-of-town slots are available. Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of professional artists, curators, and representatives from the Benton Park Neighborhood Association and SPORE Projects. Selections will be based on the follow criteria

1. Incorporation of Temporal Cities Mission and Values
2. Quality of plan for audience interaction 
3. Understanding of design requirements
4. Feasibility of proposed project. Evidence of successful ability to execute project.
5. Connection to Benton Park neighborhood and/or interest in area
6. Interest in participation regardless of stipend amount

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seven Lost Buildings in Old North

For the True/False Film Festival installation of the Migratory Hive Project in Columbia this past March, long-time collaborator and friend, Michael Allen, of the Preservation Research Office wrote this essay "Seven Lost Buildings in Old North" connecting to his photographs which were included in the sculpture. Read it here.. .

Saturday, March 16, 2013

SPORE's collaborative sculpture for True/False Film Festival

A new incarnation of the Migratory Hives Project was created for True/False. The support sculpture was developed through a collaboration between Emily Hemeyer, Chloe Bethany, Lohr Barkley, Leland Drexler, Carrie Goodson, Zack Zimmerman, and Eric Schwartz. SPORE artists from across the country created micro-environments contained in 13 Hives which were explorable throughout the sculpture. Media ranged from sound compositions, to a peep show painted on rocks, to an ant circus animation. Pieces were based on the festival's theme "The Collective Architecture of The Impossible." Artists included Rebecca Estee, Juliet Hinely, Emily Peters, Dr Bill Russell, Kristen Bartel, Kristen Althoff, Sarah Paulsen, Cameron Fuller, Tristen and Stella, Cindy Tower, Carlie Trosclair and Michael Allen. Through a workshop students from the C.A.R.E program in Columbia constructed a collaborative box. Special thanks to Drew, Tess, Dave, Jack Klatt, Tom Carr, Well Boy, Fran Lakatos, Tom and Susan for their support.


Emily leads a workshop with the C.A.R.E. Gallery in Columbia

Production mode for True/False Film Festival Collaboration