Sunday, August 15, 2010

Appalachia Bound

Robert Long's "Still Life: Composition #1 Three Chairs" was installed today. Balancing varnished scraps from discarded chairs the installation resembles a delicate skeletal structure metaphoric in origin that will change with the vibrations of the journey. This is piece one in a three-part series Long is creating for SPORE. The SPORE van itself, with 180,000 miles and ABS issues has had a hectic summer. Fortunately after a hefty mechanic bill she's running splendidly and is outfitting to embark on a three week venture through Kentucky, West Virgina, the Carolinas and Tennessee.

Throughout the venture Emily will be documenting historic Utopian communities, cultural colonies, optimistic homesteaders and visionaries. Sharing also the improvisational chantings of Ghosts I Have Been.