Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trip Blog

Running WAY behind on blogging. Somehow made it all the way to Washington State to Port Angeles. 2,000 miles. Giving most of the credit to my friend Iain who worked on van's brakes before I left St Louis. There is a piano in the coffee shop I'm sitting in, a girl just walked in and started playing Chopsticks and the Figgy Pudding Christmas song. Though I admittedly dislike both songs something about hearing them in this moment is making me laugh. So I guess this is a "sorry folks" traveling is too amusing to spend another afternoon on the computer. Here's why...


An hour before I left for the trip Elinore called me up bringing some Soft Serve, hot pink prints of elk and a tent to borrow for the trip. Holy Shit! Here's a hilarious interview with Elinore
check out if you have a minute. As for me, running out of writing energy. In Port Angeles Washington at a coffee shop full of non-ironic Mulled and bearded men. I think I love it here. She also performs with Skakrau Radio as seen here.

Arcadia and the Complex

Arcadia (my studio) and Floating Laboratories Studios are part of former pharmaceutical company built in the 1800s, portions of the complex are built in to the cliff.

SPORE Project was largely constructed at Arcadia, many of the other inhabitants contributed to this project. Thanks to Kevin Harris and Jacqueline Wallace of Floating Laboratories. Iain Disney of West Bank Auto, who specializes in classic cars, custom paint jobs and specialty vehicles. His latest acquisition is a ginormous monster truck. Thanks to Reis, an ambulance dispatcher and loft renter who has helped throughout the project with painting, general labor and support. Also thanks to Nina of Skif International and Robert Van Dillen who donated fabric for tent construction. Here's some photos of the complex.