Friday, August 21, 2009

Cranky Yellow

Cranky Yellow, a huge contrib- utor to this project, brought in a box of goodies for the road. Cranky is located on nearby Cherokee St and is the only DIY craft artist-run shop of its kind in St Louis. What is Cranky Yellow? not an easy answer. I like to think of them as a quirky connector of local characters, their creations and other related oddities. Cranky also frequently hosts bands and gallery exhibitions in addition to their gargantuan store. Recently the shop was in Fiber Arts magazine after hosting the World's Largest Plush show in St Louis two Springs ago. Though yeah, this sound prestigious and all but the folks at Cranky are actually really low-key and humble about everything they've accomplished. Their website is one of my favorites online and is almost better than the actual store, almost. Here's a wee-little sampling of what the shop looks like as well as what was brought in for SPORE.

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